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Nashville Gold Sandwich

Nashville Gold with French Fries

Penn Gold, Munich-Style Helles Lager just keeps adding to it's winning record. Coming off its Great American Beer Festival 2017 Gold Medal win, Penn Gold recently won at the 2018 World Beer Cup. Competing against 121 other Helles Lagers from around the globe. Yes, the worlds best Munich-Style Helles is brewed right here in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Obviously, we are very proud of this win and decided we would craft a sandwich dedicated to the World Beer Cup win. Nashville Gold, a southern style sandwich, was made with Penn Gold's win in mind. The award ceremony for World Beer Cup took place in Nashville, Tn, giving this sandwich its name.

So what's on this sandwich? Parma Lonza Ham meets fried green tomatoes, southern style house pickled onions, smoked cheddar cheese. Finally, arugula and white remoulade completes this sandwich on a grilled Breadworks hoagie roll.

Nashville Gold is now available at both our locations, North Side & Pittsburgh International Airport - Concourse A.

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