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Halloween Candy Beer Pairings

(Image credit: Lindsay Ribe)

Let's start by saying, we know you would never take any of your children's Halloween candy. However, say you needed to try a few pieces for "safety purposes". Well you could either wash it down with something usual, like water or milk, or try something more exciting like pairing with a delicious Penn beer!

Now that's a Ghoul idea! Check out what type of sweet Halloween we recommend pairing with our beer!

Candy Corn and Penn Tangerine Swirl

Candy Corn is a staple for Halloween candy. This treat is high in sugar and is best paired with a lighter beer. Our Tangerine Swirl Cream Ale pairs nicely, with the slight Tangerine fruit flavor enhancing the honey found in Candy Corn.

Twix and Penn Weizen

One wouldn't think the pronounced notes of banana and clove found on a Hefeweizen would pair up with Twix candy. However, the bready, wheaty undertone found in Penn Weizen match nicely with the shortbread and caramel found in a delicious Twix bar.

Milky Way/Kit-Kat and Penn Dark

The dark, sweet caramel malt, nutty, and toffee notes found in Penn Dark match well with these two candy bars. The best part is you don't even need the dark chocolate version (Milky Way) to fully enjoy this pairing. Although, if you are looking for a little extra flavor, the dark chocolate Milky Way Midnight helps enhance the roasted malts found in Penn Dark.

Peeps and Penn Pumpkin Roll Ale

We know opinions vary greatly on Peeps, however, love them or hate them, they pair nicely with Pumpkin Roll Ale. Peeps have a pretty plain flavor, but their clean sugar flavor helps enhance the pumpkin puree and rich flavors of spice found in Penn Pumpkin Roll Ale.

Snickers and Penn Olde Brigade

Who else loves the peanut-packed flavor found in a Snickers bar (sorry to those with peanut allergies)? Our classic English style brown ale, Olde Brigade's slight nutty flavors matches well with the peanuts found in Snickers. The slight bitterness of our brown ale helps enhance the chocolate exterior of a Snickers bar as well. Yum!

Cadbury Screme Eggs and St. Nikolaus Bock

The very rich, strong, malty lager flavors found in St. Nikolaus Bock helps tame the extra sweetness found in the gooey, neon eggs. At the same time, the egg tames the bold flavor found in this beer.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Oktoberfest

Once again, we apologize to our friends with peanut allergies, as this pairing is extra delicious! One may not consider a Reese's Cup as a salty treat, but when paired with Penn Oktoberfest, the roasted peanut flavor comes on strong. It's never a bad time to hoist our Oktoberfest beer and this pairing is great for those who love peanuts!

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