Chris Rudolph

Title: Head Brewer

In one sentence, describe what you do in your job:
I transfer beer to the lager cellar and filter beer to be either bottled or kegged.

Why did you get into the brewing industry?  What interests you about it?
I applied for a part-time summer job at Penn in 2008 and worked my way up to cellarman. The most interesting thing about the brewing industry to me is the mechanics and engineering of it all.

What is your favorite Penn beer to drink?

Anything else we should know?
I am an avid collector of vintage and rare Legos.

Lauren Hughes

Title: Assistant Head Brewer 



James Evans​

Title: Brewer 



Sean P McCarthy ​

Title: Brewer 



Nicole Richardson

Title: Cellarwoman

How long have you been with Penn?
About 4 years. First in the bottling department, and about a year as cellarwoman.

What is your favorite Penn beer to drink?
A tie between Kaiser Pils and Penn IPA

What else should we know? What are your other interests?
Reading and blogging.

Rick Brown

Title: Bottling Department Manager

Why did you get into the brewing industry? What interests you about it?
I had been a PA state inspection auto mechanic for 20 years and then was offered a chance to learn some new skills at a brewery.  Now I've been at Penn for 20 years and realize I'm still fixing machines. Only difference is these machines are bolted to the floor instead of rolling around on wheels!

What is your favorite Penn beer to drink?
I tend to favor the seasonals because I'm so used to our regular production beers.

Anything else we should know?
When people ask me about my job I say it's a heck of a lot more fun getting the beer out of the bottle than it is getting it in!


Embracing the theme of “Drink Local,” Penn Brewery’s three owners are all proud southwestern Pennsylvania natives whose mission is to produce the finest classic, elegant, hand-crafted beers that never go out of style. Interesting fact: Penn is a majority woman-owned brewery. 

Sandy Cindrich

Title: Penn’s CEO

She can frequently be spotted deep in conversation at a production planning meeting or on a crew drive with one of our wholesalers.


Sandy’s favorite Penn beer: Penn Dark.

Linda Nyman

Title: Penn’s Marketing Director

Her motto is “It doesn’t matter what we like.  It only matters what our consumers like!”

Linda’s favorite Penn beer: Penn Chocolate Meltdown. 

Corey Little

Title: Penn’s Chief Technology Officer


As a career Information Technology specialist and historian, and life long beer lover, Corey brings a new meaning to the term “Beer Geek”.  Look for Corey on either side of the Penn’s operation, researching the latest in cutting edge beer tech, or researching the history of the 150+ year old complex where Penn Brewery sits today!


Corey’s favorite Penn beer: With a particular affinity for hops, Corey’s favorites are Kaiser Pils and Penn IPA.

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