Be a Mystery Diner and Earn A Free Meal and

a Six-Pack of Beer from Penn Brewery!



At Penn Brewery, providing topnotch products and customer service is absolutely paramount to us.  To help us achieve this goal, we conduct a “Mystery Diner” program.  We invite guests to enjoy a meal “incognito” at Penn, and we pick up the tab and give a voucher for a complimentary six-pack of Penn beer.  In return, each Mystery Diner completes a questionnaire about his or her experience.  The responses we receive help us know what we’re doing well and where we need to improve.  All visits must be completed by July 20, 2014. We’d love to have you as a Mystery Diner!  Here’s what you need to know to enroll:


1)      To qualify as a Mystery Diner, you cannot be known to or recognizable by anyone on the Penn Brewery staff – no friends, relatives, or acquaintances.  In addition, you are not eligible if you have previously participated as a Mystery Diner for Penn Brewery.

2)     If you are selected as Mystery Diner, we will confirm by sending you an e-mail message, along with a Mystery Diner information form for you to complete and e-mail back to us prior to your visit. Select a day and time for your visit, based on your assigned group (i.e., weekend dinner, weekday dinner, or lunch).  All visits must be completed no later than July 20, 2014. Penn is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday, 11 am to midnight. You may bring one or more other people with you, but the maximum amount we will pay per table is $75 plus one six-pack of Penn beer.  We encourage as many people in your party as possible to complete a feedback questionnaire, but we require that at least one person per party completes a questionnaire

3)   Once you have selected the day and time of your visit, please notify Penn Brewery by sending an e-mail to, and including your completed enrollment form.   In addition, we will also send a reminder e-mail the day prior to the scheduled visit and ask you to reconfirm your attendance.  We’ll also attach a copy of the customer feedback survey.

4)      Come down to Penn and enjoy your meal!  It is imperative that you keep your identify as a Mystery Diner confidential.  Do not reveal to anyone that the purpose of your visit is to observe and give feedback about your experience.  (The only exception is if one or more other members of your party also plan to complete a questionnaire.)  If you have a question about the program, please do not ask the restaurant staff.  If your question can wait, please e-mail it to the address above; otherwise, use your best judgment.

5)      When you have finished your meal, pay the bill as you normally would.  Be sure to save your receipt.

6)      Complete the feedback survey as soon as possible following your visit.  (It’s easy to forget important details if you allow too much time to elapse!)  When you are done, please e-mail the form back to, along with a scanned copy of your receipt.  Alternatively, you may fax a copy of the receipt to 412-237-9406.

7)      Once we receive your completed survey, we’ll mail you a check to cover the cost of your meal (up to $75 per table), as well as a voucher for a complimentary six-pack of Penn beer (redeemable at Penn Brewery only), within three business days.

8)      In order to receive compensation, the guest must complete the entire survey; b) must be 21 or older; c) must agree to keep participation completely confidential; d) must also agree to answer any follow-up questions by phone, if requested.

Thank you!  We hope to see you soon!


Best Regards,


Penn Brewery Team