Vegetable Flatbread
Grilled seasonal vegetables, garlic aioli and tomato pesto,
drizzled with balsamic reduction       $6.95

Pennhouse Wings

Glazed with your choice of sauces made with Penn bier:
Jagermeister, Buffalo, peanut butter & jelly, Black BBQ, Chili
Paprika, sweet Sriracha   $7.95-6 wings/$12.95 twelve wings
Pork Flatbread
Slow-roasted pork braised in Penn Pilsner, carmelized onion,
smoked apple chutney, pork belly, cilantro, and Sriracha-hoison     
sauce     $7.95

 Fried Pickles
Housemade sour pickles, dipped in Penn Pilsner batter, 
fried to a golden brown, and served with Sriracha aioli
Bier Mussels
Plump green-shell mussels in a savory herbed Penn Gold 
broth    $10.95

 Pretzels with Penn Biercheese
Two warm, soft pretzels served with Penn's classic bier
cheese     $5.95
Charcuterie Board
Our farmhouse selection of smoked sausages, meats, and 
gourmet cheeses      $14.95

Pierogi & Pancakes  
 Made in house from scratch
Traditional Potato Cheese Pierogi
Mashed potato and cheese tucked in tender dough, sauteed
and topped with grilled onions      $6.95
Special Pierogi
Chef's selection of the week     $7.95

Buffalo Chicken Pierogi
Made with roasted chicken, blue cheese crumbles and hot sauce,
sauteed and topped with grilled onions and blue cheese
dressing      $7.95

Potato Pancakes
Traditional German potato pancakes made with shredded
potatoes, onions, and chives, sauteed and served with 
applesauce and sour cream   $4.95-two / $7.95-four

Soups and Salads  
Vegetarian Bier Chili
Hearty vegetarian chili made with beans tomatoes, and Penn
Pilsner       $2.95 cup/$3.95 bowl +

Tomato & Cucumber Salad
Roma Tomato, Pickled Cucumber, and Arugula dressed with a
Balsamic Reduction    $12.95

Beefy Bier Chili
Beef and beans simmered with Penn Pilsner and a kick of 
spice        $2.95 cup/$3.95 bowl

Fresh Spinach Salad
Baby spinach, smoked pork belly, dried cranberries, 
mozzarella, and almonds dressed with garlic oil &
vinegar      $13.95

Hungarian Goulash Soup
Rich, hearty stew with beef and potatoes
$2.95 cup/$3.95 bowl

House Salad
Spring mix, red onion, cherry tomato, and croutons with our
house dressing   $7.95 small/$9.95 large

Soup of the Day
$2.95 cup/$3.95 bowl

Add-Ons to any Salad - Your choice of Blackened, Grilled
or Fried
Grilled Stone Fruit Salad
Fresh greens with grilled peach, nectarine, and plum dressed with
raspberry-maple vinaigrette      $13.95

                  Chicken         - $2.50
                  Shrimp          - $3.50
                  Steak            - $4.50
                  French Fries  - $1.50
Brewhouse Salad
Field Greens, pine nuts, and Maytag blue cheese dressed with 
lemon vinaigrette       $12.95
Sandwiches & Burgers  
Classic Reuben
Tender corned beef brisket, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese 
topped with flavorful homemade Russian dressing on a marble
rye        $8.95

German Reuben
Sliced kielbasa, braised red cabbage, and Muenster cheese
topped with hot bacon dressing on pumpernickel      $8.95

Wienerschnitzel Sandwich
Breaded veal cutlet, apple slaw and Heidelberg mustard on a
pretzel bun       $11.95

Braunschweiger Sandwich
Liverwurst with fresh sliced tomato, leaf lettuce, and Swiss
cheese on rye     $5.95

Braumeister Steak Sandwich
Juicy thin-sliced beef, sauteed onions & peppers, and smoked
Gouda on a toasted hoagie roll       $9.95

Classic Hamburger
Juicy quarter-pound beef patty topped with caramelized onions, 
pickles, and spicy mustard    $9.95      Cheese + $1.00

The Deutschtaun Burger
All-beef patty layered with Muenster cheese, potato pierogi,
sliced keilbasa, fried egg, slaw, lettuce, tomato, onion, and 
fries        $13.95

Chicken Sandwich
Your choice of fried, grilled, or blackened chicken breast with
Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato      $10.95

Veggie Burger
Our homemade vegetarian patty of mixed beans, peppers, &
Panko breadcrumbs topped with lettuce, tomato, & Heidelberg
mustard      $11.95
Braised Short Rib
Tender beef short rib braised in Penn Chocolate Meltdown, 
Manchengo mashed potato, and vegetable medley       $18.95

Liver & Onions
Sauteed liver smothered in onions, served with German
potato salad, sauerkraut, and bacon        $12.95

Braised Rabbit (Hasenpfeffer)
Classic German dish of rabbit braised in Penn Dark, with Brussels
sprouts and Spaetzle dumplings       $18.95

Pork shank slow-roasted with Penn Gold, served with mashed
potato and grilled asparagus          $17.95 

Traditional German pot roast with potato dumpling and Penn
Dark beef broth       $14.95

Stroganoff with Filet
Beef filet medallions with eff noodles in a beef and mushroom
demi-glace        $20.99

Roasted pork loin served with braised red cabbage and beir-
cheese mashed potato        $17.95

Sausage Platter
Bratwrust, knockwrust, and kielbasa with red cabbage and 
hot German potato salad        $15.95

Breaded veal cutlet with mushroom gravy, served with potato
pancakes and braised red cabbage       $17.95

Pretzel-Crusted Walleye
Fresh walleye pan-seared and served with julienned vegetables
and potato pancake       $17.95

Penn Gold Fish & Chips
Bier-battered cod, fresh cut fries, and slaw served with lemon
aioli       $12.95

Portobello Mushroom Stack
Marinated Portobello mushroom layered with vine-ripened
tomatoes, goat cheese, and balsamic reduction      $13.95
Pan-Roasted Chicken
Spiced, pan-roasted leg quarters with julienned vegetables
and red potatoes       $14.95

Tender pasta dumplings & roasted shallots in a Muenster
and Swiss cream sauce.  Choice of Chicken, Beef, or
Vegetable      $14.95

Lamb Shank
Lamb shank roasted with Penn Marzen and served with German
potato salad and julienned vegetables       $18.95

Homemade Fries             -  $2.95  
Potato Pancakes             -  $4.95 two / $7.95 four  
Fresh Vegetables            -  $3.95  
Sauerkraut                      -  $2.95  
Braised Red Cabbage     -  $2.95  
Vinegar Slaw                   -  $1.95  
Mashed Potato                -  $2.95