Year-Round Collection

Penn Pilsner


Our flagship beer.
2001 - GOLD MEDAL - National Beverage Tasting Institute
An amber-colored Vienna-style lager beer. Soft, elegant, and complex, with just enough Noble hop presence to provide a balanced finish. More Information >


Penn Dark

A European-style dark / Münchener Dunkel.
A surprisingly light and smooth lager.  A complex array of caramel and chocolate as well as slightly roasted malty notes. 
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Allegheny Pale Ale

Our first American-style ale.
An international pale ale using Europils and Caramel malts, blanced with three distinct hop varieties to create a unique amber ale.

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Penn Gold


Our Munich Helles.
A clean, light-colored lager with little to no hop presence.  Five-time Great American Beer Festival® winner including four gold medals. More Information >


Penn Weizen

Bavarian-style wheat beer.
A very refreshing and effervescent unfiltered ale.  Pronounced banana and clove aromatics and flavors.
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Penn Kaiser Pils

A Northern German Pils.                
A clean, crisp, light-bodied lager featuring a very healthy dose of Noble hops. 
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Brick Biergarten IPA

  Our hopped-up American IPA.
A very robust, hoppy beer made with a blend of seven different hops.
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Seasonal Selections

Oktoberfest Bier

A Märzen / Oktoberfest-style beer.
A rich, gold-colored Munich-style fest beer. This medium-bodied lager uses a combination of caramel and roasted malts to produce a well-balancd beer that finishes very clean.  More Information >


Penn Märzen

Our spring Munich-style fest beer.
This full-bodied amber lager is similar to our Oktoberfest beer, but darker and more complex. One of beer critic Michael Jackson's "Top 24 Favorite American Beers."
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Penn Ginger Beer

A refreshing alcoholic ginger beer.
A light-tasting, refreshing brew with just a gentle kick of ginger.



St. Nikolaus Bock/St. Nikolaus Bock Brewers' Reserve


Our holiday/European-style Bock beer.
A very rich, strong, malty lager, dark ruby in color with notes of chocolate and roasted malts.  Our St. Nik Brewers' Reserve version has a higher ABV of 9% and holds a silver medal from the 2011 Great American Beer Festival®. 
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Nut Roll Ale


Our Holiday Spiced Ale.
A semi-sweet nut brown ale spiced with cinnamon and vanilla. Reminiscent of the nut rolls Grandma used to bake. More Information>


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Overlook IPA

Our American-style India pale ale.
A decidedly hoppy and aromatic ale named in honor of the magnificent view of Pittsburgh from atop Mt. Washington.  More Information >  

Cool River Kölsch

Penn's Kölsch-style beer.
A clean, soft, and effervescent ale in the style of the classic Kölsches of Cologne, Germany. Slight fruit and hop aromas are present in this delicately-flavored beer.  More Information >  

Pumpkin Roll Ale

   This deep orange-colored ale is made with real pumpkin puree and overflows with the rich flavors and fragrances of nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger.  More Information>

Brewers' Choice Series

Chocolate Meltdown


Our Chocolate Milk Stout.
A very dark, full-bodied ale.  Hints of roasted caramel malts along with luscious Betsy Ann chocolate in every sip.
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A strong, full-bodied Maibock beer.
A deeply malty, pale-colored lager with a robust ABV.  Brewed for the month of May.
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Penn Weizenbock

A strong, malty wheat-based beer. 
Combines the flavors of weizen wih the rich strength and body of a bock beer.
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Harvest Rye PA

Our Rye India Pale Ale.
This ale uses a complex grain bill and showcases rye's spicy character balanced by big hop aromatics and flavors.  More Information >



Penn Imperial Pilsner

A rich and rare Imperial Pilsner-Style Beer.
A very malty, very hoppy, very golden Pilsner in the style originally brewed for the Imperial Russian Court. More Information >


Alt"er" Ego

Our Dusseldorf-style Alt ("old") beer.
Hailing from the industrial city of Düsseldorf, "Alt" (the German word for "old") uses the old method of brewing. An exceptionally smooth and delicate brew is accomplished by utilizing ale yeast and maturing it in a lager cellar.  A well-balanced amber colored ale featuring both malts and hops upfront, but finishing clean and smooth, like a lager.
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Pittsburgh Point, 1947

Homestead Court, 1908

Newells Hotel

J&L Hearth Shop, 1955

Railroad Riots, 1877

Polish Miner’s Life, 1888

East Ohio Street, 1920

Pittsburgh Point, 1896

Polish Falcon Dancers, 1966

Steel Mill, 1900s

Pittsburgh Point, 1930